Hatteras Island

Mike Scott: Surfing behind the Cabins

Buxton resident Mike Scott recalls moving to Hatteras Island in his youth and his early days of surfing. Photo by Lynne Foster.



One response to “Mike Scott: Surfing behind the Cabins

  1. i lived with Mike and Rob that first fall in the “hippie house”…as Mike said, we lived very frugal, but i never remember being hungry once… time of our life…i was a couple of years older and out of school so while Mike and Rob were in school, i rode my bike, surfboard under my arm, down to the cabins and surfed most of the day…when they got out of school, i was there to give them the surf report…we usually went back as a group and surfed till dinner, or dark…i remember most the generosity of the local people who accepted us and treated us like family…since it was the fall into early winter, the local fisherman kept us supplied most of the time with fresh fish…i remember eating a lot of rockfish and my first taste of cobia at the weekly Buxton fish fry… time of my life…Duane Phillips

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