Hatteras Island

Ruby Williams: Yaupon Tea

Ruby Williams of Avon talks about people on Hatteras Island making yaupon tea in an interview with Jennifer Miller.



One response to “Ruby Williams: Yaupon Tea

  1. Very interesting! I’ve read this area is one of the few places that has been consuming yaupon tea since the Native American’s passed the knowledge down. To add to what the lady in the audio said the female yaupon plants have berries whereas the males do not. The berries are toxic and before they turn red they’re green and sometimes hard to identify. Perhaps they only used the male trees to not accidentally end up with berries in their brew. And a shameless plug.. We’ve started our own yaupon tea company (www.lostpinesyaupon.com) out in Austin, TX. There seems to be a yaupon renaissance happening right now! There’s no need for us to import our tea and caffeine from across the planet when we have such an abundant, sustainable and delicious source native to the entire Gulf Coast!

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