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Captain Al Dudley: It’s Hard to See an Industry Die

Captain Al Dudley of Beaufort, NC talks about sport fishing groups lobbying to push menhaden fishing boats out of state waters, an effort that was ultimately successful. Menhaden, more than any other fishery, has been restricted due to social and perceptual conflicts, while the status of the fish stocks is healthy. This was recorded as part of the Raising the Story of Menhaden project funded by the NC Humanities Council in 2010.



2 responses to ‘Captain Al Dudley: It’s Hard to See an Industry Die

  1. Not in NC anymore. That’s my brother, Capt. Al, who, along with our generation, has seen the menhaden fishery bullied. Our grandfathers, father, brothers, uncles, cousins, my husband, my son, my nephew, neighbors, friends and many others were in the business when it was a respected way to make a good living. It ‘s a shame that politics and incorrect scientific data (which was recently exposed and corrected) has damaged a once great industry on the east coast. We feel blessed to have lived the “glory days” of menhaden fishing on the East Coast and along the Gulf of Mexico.

  2. My husband, Clayton Hunnings along with his father, Oliver Hunnings and brothers have worked in the Menhaden industry for as long as I can remember. They loved and lived for Menhaden fisheries from North Carolina to Louisiana. our son, David Hunnings started fishing when he was 19. Each generation has shared this love. When we lived in North Carolina I heard the tourists talk about the boats. None were offended, they loved watching them. It is a shame that a few select ignorant and biased people have the power to put an industry that produces valuable products to consumers out of business. Not to mention the many families that will be affected. So very sad.

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